Hey Parents, guardians, and wards, If you are like anything like me and wait till the very last to purchase school stationery to get the gudt specials this list will definitely come in handy for you. If you have seen anything you wish for me to add to the list that you bought or saw cheaper somewhere let me know and then we can help all our other parents out too.

I also just wanted to add an additional tip for saving this year that I saw on a Facebook post, it is to divide your December payment(whatever it is you are paying and divide it by 10 and add that amount onto your monthly payments throughout the year and then you won’t need to pay them in December. Of course, I am sensitive to the fact that not everyone is able to pay extra on their current bills but if you can it will be a nice little saving for the end of the year

stationery specials 2022

Anyone who knows me knows patience is definitely not a virtue I possess, unless, it saves me a penny or two, so I will be making use of the price beat facility at Game to get them to price beat most of the stationery prices from the other details on this list, if you are interested in a post about how exactly this works, let me know and I can put one together for you.

Game :

Flip file brand flip file 10 pocket:          12.50

43g Pritt brand Glue Stick:                      3 pack for 89.90 + free prestik

Simple choice watercolours and brush: 30

simple choice eraser and sharpener:      30

Bright A4 Pad:                                            40



72-page exercise books:                         10 for 40( 4.00 each)

Pritt Play Dough set:                               57.99

BIC Roll ups:                                            27.99

288 page hardcover:                               3 for R55(18.33 each)

Flip file PNP brand 30 pocket:             23.99

Bic Triangle pencil crayons:                  46.99

304 page colouring book:                      2 for 110

33cm pencil bag:                                     89.99

Flip File PNP brand 20 pocket:            17.99

Staedler koki’s:                                         27.99


100 pg exam pad:                                     9.99

Denim Chair bag:                                   59.99

Plastic envelope with stud:                   11.99


Plastic sleeves 10’s:                                   6.99

Maths set:                                                 18.99

Flip File PEP brand 50 pocket:            32.99

Lifestyle Fabrics:

Blunt Nose Scissor:                                    5.99

Ruler:                                                            1.99

Rotatrim paper:                                        52

96-page hardcover:                                     9.90

192-page hardcover:                                10.99


Happy shopping

Peace and Love



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