Hey Fam,hope you guys are doing good. I’m back with my specials for the month. Hope it as useful to you as they are to me.

I know it sounds like a lot of work going from the one store to the next,so I don’t, I go to the shops when I am in that area, there is no rule to say yo must buy your groceries all on the same day.

The items marked with an * means it is a bargain , so good for bulk purchase

Pick N Pay:

Till 24 November

PNP Brand sugar : R35 for a 2.5kg*

Weetbix : R58 for 2 x 900g packs*

Oros : R75 for 3 x 2l*


25 Till 28 November


Crown cooking oil : R88 for 2*

Ricoffy 750g : R55*

PNP Livewell 6 pk milk : R127 for 2

Clover classic youghurt : 3 x 6pk for  R34

Mondi Rotatrim box for R259

Nola Mayonnaise 500g :             R26.99

All Gold Tomatoe Paste 700ml: R26.99

Mrs Balls Chutney 450/470g :   R25.99

Yum Yum Peanut butter 800g : R49.99

Omo Auto 3kg :                             2 for R100*


7kg Potatoe :                                 R29*

7kg Onions :                                 R30*

1kg Kellogs con Flakes :             R45

Glen Tea :                                     2 for R26*

Weetbix 900g :                            R35*

Parmalat Gouda Cheese 850g : R75

Wild Island Concentrate :          3 for R30*

Koo Baked Beans :                       2 for R20

Jungle Oats 1kg :                          R25*

Lux Soap 175g :                             2 for R16*

Pampers :                                       2 for R220*

Colgate 100ml :                             R10

23 November  – 05 December

Spar:(must use your rewards card)

Choice assorted 1kg :                  R89*

Coca Cola Products 2.25l :        2 for R30*

Happy Shopping 🙂


Until Next Time

Peace and Love







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