Last month or so I saw a text graphic on my sisters facebook that said

Every 2 weeks go away for the day

Every 2 months go away for 2 days

Every 2 years go away for 2 weeks

Well I’m not financially there for the last two yet but have been trying to stick to the first one – and have been doing so successfully . So when my sister said she is taking our niece Tiffany(she is an equistrian) to Mountain View Horse Trails for the day and if I would like to take the kids too, you best believe I jumped at the opportunity.




I love going to places like this with my kids because they aren’t really outdoorsie kinda people. It’s also good to expose them to different types of activities because they will never know if it is of interest to them if they don’t know about it.

In saying that Kai knew for sure that he wasn’t interested lol, even when we explained that he had already been on a horse(at eco village in Pinelands area), he said exactly, so I’m not interested. When we arrived there was a border collie that followed us around and that was his friend for the day.

So Zion and Zoë did a pony ride each, it is R50 for about 10 minutes and Tiffany did a trail for R400 fo 1 hour. There are no other amenities,so if you do go everyone needs to go on the trail otherwise you will be very bored for the duration.

They also have lots of other horses there that belongs to other people,so it’s very interesting to see the different breeds I guess. We met a stallion that was humongous and I didn’t dare go closer than i needed to lol, but , apparently he is a gentle giant.

They also have other animals,like camels, goats,sheep,chicken and a special to the chicken that was cosplaying the chicken from moana lol(I’m very sad I didn’t get a pic of it)


Tiffy also gave us a few lessons in hose whispering lol

  1. Never stand behind a horse – if they kick you ,it can be fatal.
  2. If the horse licks and chews and there isn’t anything in its mouth,they understand your command
  3. If a horse makes a bruuuu sound, it means it is either tired or hot.
  4. If his ears are back he is going to kick


All in all it was lovely experience and a lekker drive there. We went to have lunch “next door” at the Ostrich farm, which was a little more kid friendly with a park and a restaurant ,they also offer tours,which we will go back for on another day as we didn’t have time in between lunch and the scheduled horse riding.

Also ostrich meat is not it for me, but like I said above you will never know if something is for you or not unless you try it.


Until our next adventure





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