It’s that time of the month where the debit orders reign supreme and its time to refill our pantry/ kitchen cupboards.

grocery shopping


I like to purchase products when they are on special and then I buy as many as I can so that I can maximize on the savings and don’t have to purchase at the inflated prices they catch us with each month.

I swear if we had extreme couponing here in SA, I would be the Queeeeeeeen hehehe.

I have a little mental note of most of my grocery items and what the “regular” price is ,so that I know what is really a special and what isn’t and not just take their word on 3 for 2 specials etc. Eg I dont pay more than 39.99 for Hullets 2.5kg sugar or more than R40 for a 900g pack of weetbix, but, ofcourse when you must shop you need to shop and can’t wait till things are on special. So I create my grocery list  and compare the prices at each of our top  grocers. So I decided that i will try to share my finds with you guys every month and have you share yours with me. As far as I can , I prefer to buy at PNP because I earn double points when swiping my Tyme Bank Card.

Please see below my finds – I will arrange them according to the date the special is available

03 October

Pick N Pay:

Hullets Sugar 2.5kg R35

2 x Omo auto 2kg washing powder R90

10 October


Lamb R99 per KG

Housebrand Eggs (48) R79.99

All Gold Jam R25.99(this is a good price to pay)

Tomato Sauce R25.99

Pick N Pay:

Comfort 800ml 2 for R75

Weetbix 1.35kg R58

Breast Fillets R64.99 per KG( I like using these for weekly supper, I also buy a 8kg mixed portion chicken for braaing/sunday fried chicken)

Maggi Noodles  5 pack 3 fo R57

Koo Baked Beans 2 for R22(I can’t deal with other brand baked beans lol, what baked beans do you prefer?)

Mrs Balls Chutney 2 for R52(these “bulk deals” are great,so next months’ grocery list I won’t need to add chutney again)

Mayo 2 for R50

1 x Kellogs Corn Fllakes 750g and 1 x All Bran Flakes both for R85

Ricoffy 750g R69

Jungle Oats 1kg 2 for R52, I still have Jungle Oats ( I still have of this , but this is a very good special, so now I can have enough till there is another great special like this)


Happy Shopping and don’t forget to let me know about the special you have spotted.

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