Hi Fam! Thank you for coming back to my blog. Today I want to share my September garden,with all of you!


I have been growing these salad tomatoe plants the whole of winter,just trying to keep them alive till the warm weather arrives. This is my first time planting this variety of tomatoes. I have about  of them left of the 8 I had. These were propagated from an actual tomatoe.

Cayenne Peppers: These were planted from seed and have just sprouted. It’s also my first time planting this crop.

september garden: Cayenne Pepper



Corn: I have grown corn before(2018), so hoping for a bigger yield with this crop. I will also be doing the 3 sisters method with this crop(beans,corn and squash- a native american way of planting)

Potaoes: These having been growing from round about May month(so 5 months now) , they are grown from potatoes I have chitted and then buried in the soil. I have 3 plants that are now busy dying back so in the next 2/ weeks I will be able to harvest. I’m not expecting a very high yield as I didn’t mount them up very well,but let’s keep fingers crossed. Worst case scenario is baby potatoes to add to the pantry.





Pineapples: We planted two heads early in the year, the are only starting to show(very slow) growth. pineapples take about 2 years to grow a pineapple and you only get one. However if you plant the suckers they only take a year to fruit. So looking forward to them as well.

September Garden : Pineapple

Beans: This is my second year growing beans -we grew these from seed again, they are one of my favourite crops to plant because it is so super simple,they grow quick, the harvests are huge and they help with drawing and producing nitrogen for your soil.

Green onion: What an amazing plant, grows well and for a long time. I grew these for a whole year , we planted from seed and they have now gone to seed , so I’m excited to harvest the seeds to replant them.

Parsley:  Also planted this about a year ago same time as the green onion,planted from seed.

Snap Peas: Planted from seed- a bit late in the season because I was to bang to leave the house volgens lockdown dinge. I’m  glad that it wasn’t too late to yield some fruits.


Strawberries: pictured below is one of my 3 strawberry bushes. Planted from over ripe strawberries 2 years ago – the other bushes I planted from the runner of this one.



I didn’t take to many pics of my harvest in September,but will be sure to take plenty during October to share with you guys.

My strawberry started ripening early so they were get ripe one at a time, so as I wait for the one to get ripe the bugs attack it lol(I don’t use any from of pesticides) so the harvest were small average of about 1/2 per week. They also weren’t  very sweet but they weren’t yucky either. The more you harvest the more they produce more fruits( I have noticed this is true for most plants)









I also harvested and fermented the strawberry leaves, I ferment them and dehydrate for strawberry leaf tea. Pro of harvesting the leaves is that the energy then gets sent to the fruit vs growing foliage.

My parsley goes great in pestos and green onion tastes amazing with scrambled eggs(Zoë’s new favourite). We had such an abundance of green onion that I was even able to gift some to the neighbours.

The strawberry leaves,parsley and green onions I was harvesting once per week and the strawberries as they ripen.

September garden parsley harvest

Hope you enjoy my September garden tour. You can check out this post to see how we plant our beans.

I also watched an amazing documentary called Kiss the ground on Netflix in September, so if you needed any further motivation to start your very own garden or simply love gardening this is definitely a must watch .

Until next time

Peace and Love



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