Hey ,hey hey, you guys!I have been promising you guys this post for quite a while now and finally am able to sit down and put it together for you 🙂 Running an online business i super hard and time consuming, but if you do what you love, you won’t work a day in your life,yeah yeah , I know super cliche hehehe but its the truth though.



This brings me to point number one. Before you start anything, figure out what it is that you would like to do. What is your passion and how can you can turn that into an online business or monetize it. When you start a business, it can be very time consuming and very much hard work with little to no reward at the start.That is where passion will come in, that passion will push you through to the next level and get you over the next speed hump in the road.


Many times we criticize ourselves very harshly and become despondent when we really are doing a great job. Remember your business won’t necessarily take off and be a super major success right away(some do,but very rarely). So set realistic goals for yourself and celebrate the tiny successes and you will see your outlook will change immediately. If you are currently employed and thinking about starting a side hustle, it is very important to heed this advice,it’s my go to advice for anyone that will listen lol. Start your online business,but don’t leave your job. Save up at least 6 months salary before you even start contemplating leaving your job,times are going to get tough and sacrifices will need to be made but at least you will have a safety blanket for those times.


Times have evolved and you can now get your own website and email address at an affordable rate. For me having a website and personalized email address is very important,it shows that you have pride in your business and take yourself seriously. If your business is less than 3 months old,using a gmail email address is excusable,anything after that ,personally,I wont be doing business with you. you can contact me for a package that suits your needs (info@beautysquadsa.co.za) . Not only is a website professional but it is also an important tool when it comes to your digital marketing and digital footprint.

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Many people are afraid to set up social media for fear of bad reviews. if you give exceptional service or do you best to fix things when a situation arises there is no need to be afraid. You are never going to be able to please everyone and everyone is not your client. The sooner you make peace with that the easier it will  be and you will spare yourself lots of heartache(I take everything personally when it comes to my business).When setting up your social media you need to try to make it as uniform as possible, you don’t want your potential clients to give up on your before they even had a chance to find you.

Business support community groups are super amazing as a business resource as well, starting a business can be very overwhelming and having people that are on the same journey as you that you can ask question and brainstorm with is a super major God send when you find yourself at a loss. One of those groups is the upstart entreprenuers group on Facebook and their founder Denis Fourie was kind enough to offer a free 30min business couching session with anyone of you that is keen, click here to book your session.

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Set up a vision board with the things you would like to achieve in the next quarter,put it somewhere you are forced to look at it everyday and tick off the tasks one at a time. I did one at the start of the year you can check out the post here to see an example

This is just a very straight forward post on the basics that you need to start an online business. If there is anything else you would be interested to know more about ,please let me know either in the comments or send me a pm and I can assist you as far as is possible.


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