Vision Board – A collage of images and words representing a person’s wishes or goals, intended to serve as inspiration or motivation.

For those of you that know me, you know that New Years resolutions is not a notion I subscribe too, because I never live up to them.

Instead I have decided to create a vision board, as part of my theme for 2020 which is rebirth, I have taken the first step in that direction and have decided to rebirth my thinking.

I have broken my vision board into 5 categories ;


2020 is going to be a very busy year for us with Zoë having her last year at primary school and Kai just starting. we have so many things new things that we are going to experience with him starting school because he is completely different to his sister. We also started a channel for him and Zion upon their request and will need (as I’m typing this I’m having dejavu) to grow that is also going to be an awesome experience, because he is mos a gamer lol.

I am also visualizing the start of a new tradition – family holidays

The vision for my family is Joy, Togetherness,Growth and Love.


Business was not as great in 2019 as previous years,however closer to the end,I went into collaboration with someone and it is working out extremely well and so the vision is to just continue growing that as well as create some opportunities for others’ as well.

I have a couple of new projects lined up for the new year and am hoping for the best for that.

vision board: Business


This year i want to complete a course to help me further my business endeavors  especially where I am currently lacking. I always say that material things can be taken away but never knowledge.


I have a few things that I need to work on personally and physically as well.

Right on top of that list is getting my skin and body right 🙂 yeah,yeah, I know I haven’t even done one day of ecercise for this year hehehe

This year I claim that I will have a licence by the end of this year coz damn 10 times of failing is just the most lol

I want to grow my garden by adding some more vegetables as well as try my hands at planting flowers, I never have success with flowers.

Doing a few room makeovers or adding nice items into my room are also part of my vision. My vision board has already been stuck to my wall so i can look at it and meet my manifestations as the year progresses

full vision board

Let me know if you have a vision board going for this year, if not tell me what you would include on yours if you were to make one.


Until next time

Peace and love



4 thoughts on “A Vision Board and Manifestation

  1. I admire those who can put things to paper. My vision board is a mental one. If I write things down they definitely won’t ever get done.

    P.S: failed my licence 6 times (and I am an old driver). Passed on the 7th try. Keep keeping on.

    1. hehehe, my personality needs me to be held accountable lol, so its right infront of my bed, so every morning when I wake up its the first thing i see 🙂

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