With Christmas around the corner, I am so glad to announce that  I have collaborated with Prima Toys to allow one of our readers a chance to win one of the LOL Surprise Toys – LOL Fluffy Pet to the value of R440!

LOL Surprise Dolls

The kids and I love surprise toys , and use to binge watch surprise toy videos on youtube all the time, I can still hear the little jingle, 3,2,1 surprise.

As expected they have been asking me to get done with this blogpost so that they can have their own surprise toy unboxing and start playing with the surprise toys.

Zoë is not a big fan of barbie doll type toys , but loves the LOL Suprise toys, because it mixes a few of her favourite elements namely!Glitter!

LOL Surprise toys are the baby brother sisters and family pets of the beloved Bratz Dolls. The popularity comes it appealing to the curious spirit in our kids. The intrigue of these dolls start with the packaging, you have multiple layers of wrapping to get through and as you peel through each layer the excitement intensifies.

Anyway I’m sure you have had enough of my rambling, let me get in to sharing my thoughts on the products.

Disclaimer : Although these products were sent to us, my opinions and pictures are all our own.


LOL Suprise – Winter Disco Range

This range is the latest range along with the fluffy pet, and lils suprise dolls we received as well).The cool part thing about this range is that they are actual snow globes(all you have to do is add water) and can be stacked up on top of each other and basically make for the cutest and coolest snow globe, snowman. Do you want to build a snowman?

Each toy comes with 8 different surprises inside which adds to the fun of playing with your LOL Surprise dolls.

Lol Surprise dolls -Soldier boi

Lol Surprise - Lils


LOL Surprise – Sparkle Series

We also received one doll from the sparkle series  VRQT (very cute) and my oh my isn’t she fabulous! she is definitely, my favourite doll out of the lot, she is such a D-IVA!

Tee small packets inside are so pretty and shiny they remind us of sweet wrappers, the ball can also be used as a Christmas baubel , she comes in a pink ball and she is a fabulous.


Lol Surprise Sparkle series

Where to buy?

The fluffy pets and lils are available at Toy Kingdom, Toyzone, Toys R Us, Checkers. They cost R440 and R250 respectively

The glitter globe are only availabble at Toys R Us for R400

The sparkle dolls are available to purchase at Toys R US and Toy Kingdom for R430


To win your very own LOL surprise doll all you have to do is follow Prima Toys and myself on instagram on @primatoys @intheloopwithcoco

Comment done under my post on facebook and tell us why you would love to win this prize!

Winner will be announced on 19.12.2019

A special thanks to Prima Toys for sending us these dolls to review, we really appreciate it. Keep your eye on Zoë’s channel for an unboxing video coming soon 🙂

Lol Surprise Selfie


Until Next Time

Peace and love






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