Saturday we had the privilege of being invited to a special screening of Klaus, the first ever animated Netflix original movie.We arrived at the Media24 building and we were greeted by “Jesper”. His real name we later found out was Jude lol .We had just taken a pic at the photobooth with the Jesper character and were looking for our Jude to take a pic and then he was confused because he said he had just taken a pic with us, we then explained that Jude was the other little boy that was with us

Klaus Netflix: Pop up Characters

Everything was beautifully set up, with Christmas Decorations everywhere, to get us in the right vibe for the movie. There was a popcorn and slushy station for the kids and a coffee station for the adults. Everything was set up and ready for us to have a great time, after the movie we had a bit of a party and we had the awesome DJ Arch Jnr to entertain us with his amazing skills. There was also an arts and craft station where the kids got to paint wooden houses and wooden decorations that they can hang on the tree this year. There was also a colouring-in station and face paint station. DJ Arch was killing it with the vibes,which of course got Zoë on the dance floor . DJ Arch shared the video and it has now(since last I checked) reached over half a million views!


Klaus Netflix: DJ Arch on the decks
                  DJ Arch Jnr on the decks

We really enjoyed the movie and would highly recommend it, it is a great family movie. you can even grab some christmas themed snacks and have a whole time watching it with your kids.

Klaus Netflix: Christmas theme


Klaus having proved that he is the worst postman at the academy, he is sent to a frozen town in the North, where he not only finds himself but Santa Claus too

The animation(2d) immediately takes me back to my childhood days. When animated films is all that matters in life(oh the simple days). Think Hercules, Anastacia and the likes. The character Alva even reminds me of Meg from Hercules.

Klaus : Alva


Klaus is like an origin story for Santa Claus. It is well written and has the ability to keep the kids entertained and laughing is not something that all movies these days can do. The piece of coal in your stocking or under you tree is even explained. How the lack of community just completely saps the life out of a place is also well illustrated.It shows that when we all work together it can completely change our surroundings, literally and figuratively.

Klaus: Jesper Character

The only thing this movie lacks is a amazing soundtrack. usually with these kiddy movies we have a song emerge, think of Let it go(Frozen), Miracles(Prince of Egypt) and Journey to the Past(Anastacia). A great song would have been great to bring it home, especially since it’s now the Christmas season, we could have been blaring it on our speakers for the next 2 months!

The kids that filled the room were laughing at all the silly moments like Jesper being scared or the kids suddenly cleaning the snow off driveways to be deemed good for when they write their letter to Klaus. I can see why everyone is loving this movie so much. My sister even shed a tear when Klaus chops his final piece of wood.

I’m keeping this post short and sweet so that I don’t give too much away. Please let me know your thoughts once you have watched it or if you already have 🙂

Klaus is now streaming on Netflix, don’t forget to join the Netflix Watch Club on Twitter to be kept up to date with the latest Netflix offerings and stand a chance to win 6 months’ Netflix subscribtion free!

Happy Watching


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