When you think back to primary school, you will remember most of us had to do the bean project. we had to put the bean in a jar with damp cotton and see it grow. Last year Zoë also had to do this project. I failed this project dismally lmao. So when I had to plant bush beans in my garden, I decided to hand this project over to Mr. Greenfingers himself.

Companion planting


Bush Beans are extremely low maintenance and just need to stay hydrated and don’t even require a support to grow. Bush Beans are also referred to  as Dwarf Beans.

Planting Bush Beans:Bush Bean Seeds

  • The best type of soil for bush beans is a well drained, organic material rich soil.
  • The best place to plant them is where they will have access to full sun(at least six hours per day)
  • Plant close to companion plants that help with growth. To find out what that is check out our previous post on companion planting click here
  • For optimum result you can inoculate your soil which has a bacteria that will help it produce better. I chose not to inoculate as I don’t need reap huge amounts of fruit as it is only a household garden.

Bush Ban plant spacing

  • Plant beans in rows that are 15cm’s apart and 1 and a half inches deep(we popped 2 seeds in each hole).

  • Germination takes place very quickly and you should start seeing results in a week or two

Bush Bean Seedlings

Taking care of your plant:

  • Mulch your plant to help soil retain moisture
  • Water regularly, I water my plants everyd day, alternating between the hose and the spray bottle.If you don’t water them well,they will stop flowering.
  • If the soil requires extra fertilizer, try to use a fertilizer with less nitrogen in as beans produce their own nitrogen 🙂









Handy tip: plant twice as many as you  want as they attract pests so when they do start munching, you wil have enough plants to bear enough fruit for you.

We are still trying to figure out what has been chowing our leafs though 🙁

Until Next Time

Happy Gardening




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