Last week I attended the Tops at Spar #Winderland, Wine Expo. I was fortunate enough to win tickets via Make It Rayne Blog.

I have never attended a wine expo/festival/ tasting before and didn’t know what to expect. All I knew is that I wanted to ask more about prosecco, how to choose the best one,the differences between the different ones etc.

Upon arrival we received a wine glass, a bottle of water and a Spar brown bag- for your purchases of course. The first stand we got too was a stand that had prosecco, yoh I was so excited and then the vendor was so “kort af” I suma didn’t have lus anymore. According to him they are the only people that import prosecco and therefore are the best. He didn’t answer any of my questions.

Luckily I was with home girl and she convinced me too not let the “oupa doolie” – her words, also when last did you hear these words hahaha, get me down.

We then started making our way to the other stands. They were a bit crowded but we managed to chat to and taste some nice wines. We made sure to each take different types of wines to cut down on time wasting as we only got there at about pass 7. I also told her that I want to taste wines that I ordinarily don’t drink so that I can learn some new things because fourth street and four cousins is mos the first thing we grab when we are buying “wine” lol.

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Honest Chocolate

Anyway, I’m really not a fan of white wine and so opted for the reds and the first few stands Corney was trying out the Sauvingon Blanc’s and I was even more convinced that I wasn’t a fan of white wine. The smell of the one was so strong it burnt my eyes a I lifted the glass to my mouth lol and the other one smelt like cape style hahaha. We then came to the highlight of our night, the most unforgettable stall of the evening for us was the Koni Wines stand. Koni(The owner) was so warm and friendly, took the time out to tell us all about her wines and her assistant/friend was telling us all about Koni’s journey. One of the other attendees advised us to try the Koni Sauvingon Blanc and  we did and I don’t regret it one bit. it was delicious! Much better than the ones we had previously tasted. All the other stalls also only had dry crackers on their tables that Corney almost chocked on, but Koni had some cheeses and jams aswell, to ensure that you had the best possible experience in her space.her top even matched her labels!!!!


Koni was working in the private sector as HR and decided to leave that world behind her and studied wine-making for 5 years and is now making her wine on a collaboration farm in Stellenbosch. Her Sauvignon Blanc is a fruity Sauvignon – which if my life depended on it, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you because even after finishing the bottle I bought I still don’t know how to identify the “undertones” if that is even what you call it hahaha. However she did tell us and when my aunt tasted it she could immediately say without me having to tell her. The way I would explain it is that it’s a sweet-bitter taste lol. It is best paid with seafood but especially with sushi. It is also amazingly priced at only R75 per bottle. They also have a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Shiraz.

All in all the event was amazing, the people attending were all friendly and we were able to strike up multiple conversations with some of the other attendees, lol but I guess everyone is a little buzzed so it is way easier to strike up conversations than usual. Their were also a few competitions to enter which also adds fun activity for attendees.


Although this was a great event,  there is a few things I would say can be a bit better. The vendors/ exhibitors need to make their stands a lot more interactive, they also need to be a lot friendlier,  many of them made us feel as though we are begging for a little wine. as a expo organiser I know this is not their fault but is mainly on the vendor themselves. But it can also greatly benefit them as I am more likely to purchase from you if I have made a connection with you. FOOD,FOOD, FOOD. I would have also liked to see more snack vendors, there was one biltong stand but it was always so full that I didn’t have the energy to stand in a line for so long.


This is definitely an event that I would attend again, I would prefer to go to the Saturday session though as there is a lot of stands and you need lots of time to get to all of them because the tend to be crowded. Also either have a designated driver or use a ride-share service. You may think that you can’t get tipsy from the little bits of wine that you are consuming but the little bits all add up and judging by the amount of people that were looking for their cars, friends and some even peeing in the parking I can 100% say that it puts you on a level, that is not conducive to driving.I learnt some new things and it was cool to see all the other wine brands as well, the ones we normally just overlook on the shelves, when we are picking out our favourites. I will be sure to  keep my eye out for some of these next time I go to purchase some.

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